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New Schedule in September: Mornings @ 7AM 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, Evenings @ 5:30PM 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
Mountain Resource Center Mornings; St. Laurence Episcopal Church Evenings
11030 Kitty Drive (Mountain Resource Center)
26812 Barkley Rd. (St. Laurence Episcopal Church)
Conifer, CO  80433
United States
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Rotary Conifer Evening Meetings
Mornings are difficult for some of us, that is why we have evening meetings. Please join us at 5:30 PM every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at St. Laurence Episcopal Church, 26812 Barkley Rd. in Conifer. We are the same club with the same interests and ambitions; helping people in our local mountain community and around the world.
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Marci Radin
Jul 24, 2018
A Travelers Perspective On India
Dark No Meeting
Jul 31, 2018
Fifth Tuesday Social
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Latest News
Program: Bigfoot in America
Jim Myers
The Country store in Bailey, which was built in 1878, now houses the Sasquatch Outpost and Museum. Jim and his wife Daphne created the Outpost from the Bailey Country store.
The Sasquatch Outpost idea started shortly after they purchased the store, a long time member of the Bailey community had seen a Bigfoot in the Bailey area while out walking. She shared her experience with Jim.  Then the television program, Finding Bigfoot, came to Bailey after this Bailey sighting.  Over 100 people came to the event, so Jim knew there was a interest in Bigfoot and he and Daphne decided to create their Sasquatch Outpost and Museum.  Public interest has been impressive, over 10,000 people have visited since they opened the museum three years ago. The museum expanded two months ago to about double the size.  It includes a map with pins marking Bigfoot sightings of museum visitors. 
There have been sightings in every State and Canada, in the last 50 years there have been as many as 30,00 sightings.  Physical evidence of Bigfoot existence includes:
  1. Footprints (there was a 20 inch print on the Tanglewood trail; near Bailey Lodge—the prints were 7-8 foot stride)
  2. Manipulation of the environment (tree upside down and rammed into the ground and tipped into the crook of another tree, snapped aspen trees left hanging)
  3. Habituation activity—gifting sites (setting up a site with items, leaving it and returning to notice changes to the site)
  4. Sightings (Patterson-Gimlin Film 1967, Bluff Creek, CA)
Guests: Jim and Daphne Myers
Business/ Announcements:
  • Peaches arriving soon, order by August 13th.  Click the peach right here  to order online directly or you can order from our website.  Pick up your peaches Friday August 24th in front of Luna's Mandala in Aspen Park Center, 25797 Conifer Rd., Conifer.  PRINT A COPY OF YOUR PAYPAL RECEIPT AND BRING IT WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR ORDER!
  • Rotary Peak activities:  Aug 4 is trail maintenance; Sept 9, Youth Exchange will take their national flags to the peak.
  • Imagination Library: Area 8 Project:  It is the opportunity to sign up for parents to get a book for their children every month until they are 5 years old.  The Dam Duck Derby literacy event August 4 hosted by MRC and Hiwan Museum will have a Rotary booth to support Imagination Library.
  • Grants Training from our District, Sept 15.  We need one member to attend to make us eligible for Matching Grants.
  • Conifer Rotary Social event: July 29, the social committee has scheduled a nature walk and picinic.  We will meet at the Davis Ponds, Staunton State Park picnic area, 
  • 10am-2pm.  We need food for the picnic; sign up.  We will have large sub-sandwiches.  It is family event!
  • Come to Mad Jack’s Brewery August 1,  5:30-7:30.  Scooter’s BBQ will have food for purchase.  The brewery will be giving a portion of beer sales during the month of August to the 285 Back Pack Project!
  • Our Rotary Interactors will do their presentation about their Kenya trip August 14.  
  • Board of Directors’ Meeting: report
    • The Board meeting was last night.  In order to create a balanced budget, we are changing our meeting schedule.  Starting in September the morning meetings will be held on the 1st  and 3rd Tuesday mornings of the month; and the evening group will continue to meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings.  Morning dues will remain the same and the evening group will have an increase in dues.
    • The Board meetings will be set on days that will not be just before the morning meeting!
  • The Club needs a new person to assist the Sgt of Arms team, to help set up the meeting, greet folks, do happy dollars/do the raffle; clean up and put away.  Please let Janine or Mark know if you can help!