Updates & Announcements
  • Sandy went down to the 26th and Zuni and helped refugees in the tent city.
  • Ukrainian refugees are settled and had a house-warming.
  • The Tree Award is the Banyan Tree award today, named after tree that is huge. One in India is size of Manhattan. Kristin Davis donated $1000 to Mindfest to cover costs, matched by Microsoft. Thanks, Kristin!
  • Tim Berg had a highly successful party for Operation Pollination.
  • Luna’s Mandala has been collecting contributions to the peace park.
  • On Jan. 9, we’ll have a white elephant gift exchange.
  • Mindfest: We have vendor participants for 23 of 32 spots.
  • No Rotary club meetings on Dec. 26th and Jan 2nd
Meeting program
Mountain Libraries Manager, Kat Lefevre, Conifer Library Project
The community engagement report on the Conifer Library project is 145 pages. They had a graphical representation of the results. We want to lease or buy, not build. Community wants no more buildings. We want single story because libraries are heavy. Typical second floor office building holds 80 lbs per square foot and we need 250. We also need good ADA access. And we need to be able to drive a delivery truck right up to it, because we move books a lot. We want easy access from US 285. We could start smaller and expand into adjacent space later.  We’d like 4,000 sf but can be flexible. We would like community suggestions and reactions on a good place to put the library.
Ann noted that one of the supermarkets might close if the Kroger/Safeway merger goes through, despite all of Colorado’s objections.
She said the current books belong to Jeffco library, not the school.  The goal is to leave the school in a good spot. We are listening to what books the school wants. They need a book management system.
Libraries are about information, so we will need to focus on digital literacy.