Updates and Announcements
In attendance:  Tim, Stan, Kimberly, Angela, Yvonne, Arturo, and Christy. 
  • Tim’s first meeting chairing the evening meeting.
  • Tim wants us to agree on starting and ending the meeting close to on time as these are Rotary International practices.  After discussion of how to accommodate our members who might be late coming to the meeting from work and other business, we agreed to start the meeting by around 5:35 unless someone calls and says they will be a few minutes late, then can wait a little longer. But the meeting will need to end on time so that persons who need to leave can leave. 
  • We unanimously voted to devote Happy Dollars to the Backpack project. We collected $13 which Angela will deposit.
  • Angela needs a PO key to collect the peach checks. Stan will check.
  • Tim:  Proposed that along with Happy Dollars, we can express if have too much going on, want to do more, or need help. He wants to integrate Compassionate Communications into the meetings. Everyone liked both ideas.
  • Many members requested more Rotary brochures by next in time for Elevation Celebration. Need 500 for Elevation Celebration, Coniferfest, Town Hall meetings. 
  • Yvonne and Diana cleaned out the shed. Will use the golf balls for MindFest marketing. We have tons of beer classes. 
  • Yvonne has two vendors and a speaker for MindFest: Reslilience and Peaceworks. Jim Halderman speaker on anger management.
  • Tim: Expressed need for better coordination for Bailey Days with Platte Canyon Council and Wildfire Ready people in Conifer and Evergreen. Others concurred.
  • Stan summarized the main points he made during his first morning meeting as President. See July 11 morning meeting minutes.