Program: Bigfoot in America
Jim Myers
The Country store in Bailey, which was built in 1878, now houses the Sasquatch Outpost and Museum. Jim and his wife Daphne created the Outpost from the Bailey Country store.
The Sasquatch Outpost idea started shortly after they purchased the store, a long time member of the Bailey community had seen a Bigfoot in the Bailey area while out walking. She shared her experience with Jim.  Then the television program, Finding Bigfoot, came to Bailey after this Bailey sighting.  Over 100 people came to the event, so Jim knew there was a interest in Bigfoot and he and Daphne decided to create their Sasquatch Outpost and Museum.  Public interest has been impressive, over 10,000 people have visited since they opened the museum three years ago. The museum expanded two months ago to about double the size.  It includes a map with pins marking Bigfoot sightings of museum visitors. 
There have been sightings in every State and Canada, in the last 50 years there have been as many as 30,00 sightings.  Physical evidence of Bigfoot existence includes:
  1. Footprints (there was a 20 inch print on the Tanglewood trail; near Bailey Lodge—the prints were 7-8 foot stride)
  2. Manipulation of the environment (tree upside down and rammed into the ground and tipped into the crook of another tree, snapped aspen trees left hanging)
  3. Habituation activity—gifting sites (setting up a site with items, leaving it and returning to notice changes to the site)
  4. Sightings (Patterson-Gimlin Film 1967, Bluff Creek, CA)
Guests: Jim and Daphne Myers
Business/ Announcements:
  • Peaches arriving soon, order by August 13th.  Click the peach right here  to order online directly or you can order from our website.  Pick up your peaches Friday August 24th in front of Luna's Mandala in Aspen Park Center, 25797 Conifer Rd., Conifer.  PRINT A COPY OF YOUR PAYPAL RECEIPT AND BRING IT WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR ORDER!
  • Rotary Peak activities:  Aug 4 is trail maintenance; Sept 9, Youth Exchange will take their national flags to the peak.
  • Imagination Library: Area 8 Project:  It is the opportunity to sign up for parents to get a book for their children every month until they are 5 years old.  The Dam Duck Derby literacy event August 4 hosted by MRC and Hiwan Museum will have a Rotary booth to support Imagination Library.
  • Grants Training from our District, Sept 15.  We need one member to attend to make us eligible for Matching Grants.
  • Conifer Rotary Social event: July 29, the social committee has scheduled a nature walk and picinic.  We will meet at the Davis Ponds, Staunton State Park picnic area, 
  • 10am-2pm.  We need food for the picnic; sign up.  We will have large sub-sandwiches.  It is family event!
  • Come to Mad Jack’s Brewery August 1,  5:30-7:30.  Scooter’s BBQ will have food for purchase.  The brewery will be giving a portion of beer sales during the month of August to the 285 Back Pack Project!
  • Our Rotary Interactors will do their presentation about their Kenya trip August 14.  
  • Board of Directors’ Meeting: report
    • The Board meeting was last night.  In order to create a balanced budget, we are changing our meeting schedule.  Starting in September the morning meetings will be held on the 1st  and 3rd Tuesday mornings of the month; and the evening group will continue to meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings.  Morning dues will remain the same and the evening group will have an increase in dues.
    • The Board meetings will be set on days that will not be just before the morning meeting!
  • The Club needs a new person to assist the Sgt of Arms team, to help set up the meeting, greet folks, do happy dollars/do the raffle; clean up and put away.  Please let Janine or Mark know if you can help!
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Program:  Plastics Evergreen Alliance for Sustainability Project
Chris Pfaff and Ginny Ades
We enjoyed a very informative presentation by Chris Pfaff and Ginny Ades about the efforts of the Evergreen Alliance for Sustainability EAS+Y.  They told us about the proliferation of plastic waste because it such common product in life and it decomposes very slowly.  Curbside recycling has helped, although Colorado is well behind the nation in this effort:  12% compared to 34% recycling nationwide.
They told us about some common products that produce huge amounts of plastic waste:
  • Half of the plastic we use is thrown away after just a few minutes of use.
  • Starbucks cups.  Cannot be recycled because they are made of paper with a plastic liner.  Starbucks has committed $10 million to researching the problem.
  • Grocery bags.  Take recyclable bags to the grocery for your purchases instead.  We use 100 billion bags in the USA annually.
  • Water and soda bottles.  1 million single use plastic bottles are used per minute throughout the world.  They are easily recycled, yet we only recycle-30% in the US.
    • In the US, we use 15-17 million barrels of oil annually to make our plastic bottles, that is enough to power 100,000 vehicles
    • Making plastic bottles requires 2 to 3 times water as there is in bottle
    • BPA is in larger bottles – banned in baby products
  • Plastic straws.  They cannot be recycled and we use 500 million each day in the US alone.  Companies are switching to paper straws to help combat the problem.
Much of the plastic waste ends up in the ocean.  This is particularly problematic for many island nations where pictures showed children wading in acres of discarded bottles.
Plastic breaks down into small particles and is eaten by fish and birds.  Many die from the logjam it creates in their digestive systems, and it is detected in the seafood and shellfish we eat.  Researchers are now finding micro-plastic particles contaminating the bottled water we purchase.
Things to think about:
  • Recycle whenever you can
  • Say ‘no’ to plastic straws in restaurants
  • Use glass containers, it recycles very well with less effort than other waste
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Refute
  • RYLA  Bill Manning invited us to come to the RYLA camp and observe the remarkable results students are experiencing.
  • Tom Becker is working hard on club social events.  Stand by for more from him regarding future events.
  • Bob Carper’s Celebration of Life Saturday July 14th
  • Wes Paxton is back from his trip to Africa with the Interact participants, assisted by Joey Wilson.
  • Board meeting 7/16 6PM Janine’s house, all are invited.
  • 9/22 is Evergreen recycling day
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Posted by Charlotte Wytias
Program:  Club Assembly, discussing club strategy for our future.
New Member Induction:  Nancy Woodson, WELCOME!
  • Wes Paxton and the Interact students are on their way to Kenya.  Our best wishes for the success of their project!
  • Run the Ranch fundraiser was last Saturday:  Ed’s former exchange student from Germany who is visiting Conifer came in third.  He thought there were about 50 people at the event.
  • We have 10 members signed up for highway clean up this Saturday on Pleasant Park Road.  The group will be meeting at 9 am at the parking area below the office buildings left off Pleasant Park Road above the US 285 interchange, join us.
  • Tree planting in the Hayman burn area scheduled for Saturday, June 16.  We need volunteers; email will be coming to finalize the project.  Young people (kids) are welcome to help.
  • The Conifer Rotary Foundation meeting will be next Tuesday at the regular meeting; this is a required meeting by the IRS.  There will be an election for new Board members.  The financial report will be presented, including information about the endowment.  Members will have input about the distribution of grants to community organizations and will be voting on the new Board. 
  • Changing of the guard will be Saturday July 7th at Janine’s home.  More information to come.
  • The Rockies baseball game (fund-raising for the Conifer HS baseball team).  Tom has proposed  July 15---taking the train from Golden.  The cost of the game is $17 ($5 will go to Conifer HS fundraising).
  • Rotary Peak will need volunteers to do trail maintenance this summer.  Finn will provide more information.  He reports that the exchange students will make the Peak as a project when they arrive. 
  • The evening group will be meeting at Hugh’s home Wednesday June 13, to discuss the Peach Sale.  All members are encouraged to attend. 
  • Mountain Home and Garden Show made approximately $24,000 (half will come to Conifer Rotary).
  • Marlis is up-dating the Conifer Rotary By-Laws, which will address the addition of the evening group of Conifer Rotary Club. 
  • Tom Becker and Yvonne Lipson will be organizing the monthly Club Socials.
  • There is going to be a new logo for the Rotary Club of Conifer, to conform to the Rotary International requirements.  There will be more discussion at the meeting next week. 
Happy Dollars!!!
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Mountain Area Land Trust:  Linda Brawler and Lynn Caligiuri
MALT is conserving 22,221 acres in public and private projects.  It is a 501c3, not-for-profit. They are accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.  Their mission is to save natural areas, wildlife habitat, streams and rivers, working ranches and historic lands.
To accomplish their mission they partner with other organizations.  Their programs:  voluntary land agreements, land stewardship, outreach, and education. Their goals align closely with the results of last year's Conifer Area Council Community Survey.  It identified that residents want to preserve the natural environment.  They have 39 parcels in our local area between Red Rocks and Kenosha Pass.
Their landowner agreement requires that the landowner permanently give up development rights, but they retain ownership, get tax credits and the land is protected forever.
The public benefits are numerous.  Some projects in our area are currently the Elk and Noble Meadow, Beaver Brook watershed and Floyd Hill Open Space and Pennsylvania Mountain.  Their area of responsibility encompases 4,290 square-miles of Clear Creek, Park, Gilpin, Teller and the mountain areas of Boulder and Jefferson Counties.  They monitor and inspect properties annually to determine that the areas under MALT are maintained as required by the Trust.  
Their outreach and education programs include:  recreation, trail building, interpretive hikes.  This includes sponsoring children field trips from the Denver urban area.  They are partnering with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado to do trail building, currently there is a project in the new Floyd Hill open space.  There are several projects taking place on Pennsylvania Mountain west of Fairplay.
MALT is having a large fund-raiser event on July 14, 6-10pm, at Alderfer/Three Sisters Park.  Their funding comes from individuals, businesses, grants and family foundations.
  • Board of Directors Meeting:
    • Craig Kubic is organizing a tree planting in the Hayman Fire Area, June 16
    • Mark reports that we will do road cleanup June 9
    • Changing of the guard party will be at Payton's on June 24
  • Finn attended the District 5450 Rotary Celebration in Denver last weekend.  The Celebration next year will be April 27 at the Arvada Center.  The new District 5450 Business Directory is published; Mark Rehm has an ad and reports that the directory will be on-line next year. 
  • The Club will have it’s social next week, 5:30PM Wednesday, May 30 at Snowpack Taproom.  It is open to guests.  (There will not be a Tuesday morning meeting May 29).
  • Our June 5th meeting will be a Club Assembly.
  • Janine reported on the Mountain Area Home and Garden Show.  Most of the vendors were very pleased; they were impressed by how well run the show was.
  • The Conifer Rotary Foundation will have its annual meeting in June.  This is a required meeting to maintain our 501c3 status.
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Program: 3-D Printing!
Eric Halingstad from Conifer High School
The future is here, 3D printing!  Eric started at Conifer High School when it opened as a math teacher.  He always enjoyed mechanical engineering, technology and computers.  The classes he is teaching now, computer science and engineering technology, give his students college credit because they are in conjunction with Red Rocks Community College.  The engineering design classes include a number of different ares:  CAD, Solidworks, and independent studies---leading to certificates.
The 3-D printer at the high school allows students to build prototypes of items that can then be produced.  They can make games, puzzles, toys, tops for water bottles, and more.  Eric and his students have written printing guides for other students, including safety and maintenance information.
There are a variety of materials used in 3D printing:  polylactic acid, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polymide, and more.  The materials can be pliable or hard.  The printer does its job by printing in layers…some are 1/10 of a millimeter, stacked to create the form.  Other materials can be impregnated in the plastics. Even body parts are being constructed with the 3D printers!!
For more information, see Eric’s webpage: 
Guests: Tim Purvis
  • The District Conference is this Saturday.  It will be a busy day because many in our Club are involved in Community Service Projects that day.
  • Finn participated in the Evergreen Rotary Beer Tasting last weekend, a fund-raiser for International Projects.
  • Rotary International Convention is June 23-27 in Toronto.
  • Rotary Peak: we need Rotarians to participate in hikes.  Trail stewards begin mid-June.  Rotary is still working with the US Congress to get the naming of the peak.
  • Run the Ranch is June 2.  Register on our website.
Ed Steinbrecker
Ed joined Rotary in 2000 (ish).  He likes to see things get done!  He likes to be involved in community service.  Rotary has helped him move out of introversion.  He grew up in Milwaukee and he was drawn education to be of service early in his developing years.  His teachers were his mentors, as the adults around him growing up were labor workers.  Education and Rotary both opened him up to helping students learn and find hope for their lives.
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting May 15, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-05-15 06:00:00Z 0
Program:  Colorado Wildfires
Skip Shirlaw, Inter-Canyon Fire Dept and 
Bill McLaughlin, Elk Creek Fire Department
Our local fire chiefs joined us today to tell us about wildfire danger this summer and how to prepare for it.  The U.S. Monthly Drought Outlook shows our region in a drought and it is expected to last through June.  Fortunately, there is a prediction for a strong monsoon season later in the summer.
In preparation, the fire departments are in training for wild-land fire fighting.  There are 16 new volunteers in the two departments attending the Conifer Fire Academy.  To become a volunteer fire fighter is a huge commitment of time.  Fire fighter volunteers have 300 hours of training and 1500 hours to train a para-medic.
To help residents mitigate their properties the fire departments have a community chipping program  (go to  The crews will also be doing mitigation projects thanks to grants through the Upper South Platte Partnership. Jefferson County Parks will be removing conifers to enhance the growth of aspen.
The challenges facing our volunteer fire departments are many.  Chief among these is a steady decrease in the number of volunteers over the years, and the average age of volunteers has increased from mid-30’s to mid-40’s.  The two departments respond to an average of 5 emergency calls a day, with a cost in time for an EMS call of 2-3 hours on average.
The Gallagher Amendment to the Colorado Constitution caused a decrease in the funding for rural fire departments;  98% of the fire department income is from taxes.  They expect an 18% drop in funding the next tax season.  In addition, the TABOR amendment does not allow Districts to increase their income.
Reviewing the weather conditions of the past indicates this year has a high likelihood of significant fires.  READY-SET-GO is the message for residents in communities.
  • READY our properties:  Zone 1--out 5 feet from the home and clear decks and roofs, reduce any fuels; Zone 2-- to 30’ to remove trees;  Zone 3-- to 100’ to mitigate trees.
  • SET—have a go-bag (72 hours worth of things you need); know your evacuation routes and meeting places for family; plan for your animals.
  • GO—do not wait for a call if it looks like fire is coming; get your “go” kit and leave.
There is an up-grade in communication in the region.  A new radio tower will enable reliable communications from Pine to Genesee; it was funded by grant money.  The fire departments have developed a plan for coordinating all efforts.  There is a single fire dispatch center for all Jefferson County now.  
Guests:  Bill Downes (Past District Governor),  Curt Harris (Evergreen Rotary)
  • Thanks to Janine for a fabulous job with the Mountain Area Home and Garden Show!  And to Suzanne and Lee for their work on the Planning Committee.  A special thanks to all the Rotary volunteers!!  
  • Our District 5450 Celebration will be held Saturday-Sunday, May 19-20.  There are various levels of participation to meet everyone’s needs. The registration deadline is this week on the District webpage. 
  • The RI Convention is being held in Toronto June 23-27.  Suzanne Barkley, Pat Hagan, Melony Harris and Charlotte Wytias are representing Conifer Rotary!
  • The annual beer tasting at Curt Harris’ home is this Friday.  The theme is “Western”.  The cost is $40 and the money goes to international projects.  Contact Curt to sign up. 
  • Run the Ranch is June 2; the Interact Club fund-raiser will provide funds for their Kenya trip.
  • Our next Board meeting is May 21 at Well at Bradford Junction.
50/50: Happy Dollars
Rotary Club of Conifer, Meeting May 8, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-05-08 06:00:00Z 0
Program:  Jefferson County Open Space
Matt Robbins, Community Connections Manager
Matt joined us to talk about Jefferson County Open Space.  Their mission is to preserve, protect and provide the public access land in our county.  The initiative for Open Spaces started with a group of women in the county and the support and guidance of the League of Women Voters.  JeffCo Open Space is funded by taxes, the first  such funding model in the country.  A ½% sales tax was passed in 1972.
Our JeffCo Open Spaces provide outdoor recreation, nature and history information, including hubs and conservation of scenic landscapes, natural resources, and wildlife habitat.  The Open Space Team includes committees for stewardship, visitor services, planning and projects, administration and real estate, and the community connections.
System Stats:
  • Over 54,000 acres preserved
  • 28 parks
  • 252 miles of trails
  • White Ranch park, at 5,406 acres, is the largest park
  • There are about 6.9 million visitors per year
  • Top activities:  hiking, dog walking and mountain biking
Record high activity levels (good news) have caused problems of over-crowding and illegal road-way parking (bad news).  The 2014-2019 Master Plan Goals have all been met or exceeded:
  • Preservation
  • Stewardship
  • Trails
  • Communications and community involvement
  • Nature and park related history education - education has exceeded 133,000 people
  • Volunteerism - has exceeded 48,200 volunteers—there are 30 volunteers for every paid staff position (there are a huge variety of volunteer positions—man the welcome center, count raptors or other animals, weed pulling, office work, etc.)
  • Visitor stewardship
  • Nature-health connection
Community Engagement includes turning visitors into stewards; communications and messaging; education about issues; finding a balance between preservation and outdoor recreation.  Open Space also works with other parks districts to develop common guidelines for use.
Guest:  Emily Ehlers, prospective new member
  • Finn visited Clear Creek Rotary which has grown from 10 to 22 members!
  • Mountain Area Home and Garden Show is this weekend at Evergreen High School with set up Friday afternoon and the Show on Saturday and Sunday. If you have not signed up to volunteer, please join us during any time period.
  • Rotary District 5450 Celebration May 19 in Denver. 
  • Rotary International is the end of June.
  • Interviews for Scholarships at Conifer High School last week; this week the Platte Canyon students will be interviewed.   The kids are very inspirational! 
  • Funding is still needed for the Interact trip to Kenya.  You may donate through the Conifer Rotary Foundation using a link on our website. 
  • Please send your Rotary volunteer hours to Lesley Landon, Secretary, so that they can be logged into the RI website.
Member Auto-Biography:  Wes Paxton
Wes was introduced to Rotary when he was at the Adams 12 School District many years ago.  He joined Greeley Rotary when he moved there and joined Conifer Rotary when he came here as Conifer High School Principal.  His passion is helping kids with leadership and self-development and sees Rotary as a tremendous support in that endeavor.
Wes was raised in Phoenix but comes from a pioneer ranching family on the Western Slope of Colorado. One half of is family were pioneers from Arkansas.  His grandmother encouraged him to attend CU Boulder.  His first job was in Denver Public Schools.  He was there for 12 years—as a teacher and administrator.  He then went to Commerce City and turned the high school around as the principal.  The Greeley high school also needed a turn around principal; and then he came to Conifer.
Congratulations to Dean McCall, a Conifer Rotary member for 4 Years
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting April 24, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-04-24 06:00:00Z 0
The Club will NOT meet May 1, 2018
Program: Dr. Mark Guzman
The Last Forbidden Kingdom: Nepal Himalayas Upper Mustang Valley
Dr. Guzman joined us to tell us about his trip to Nepal.  He made the trek to do ecological studies in an area that is very harsh—both in its landscape and human history.  The government is very corrupt, having confiscated millions of aid dollars that have been sent from around the world.
The was in the Mustang valley of Nepal, an area heavily damaged by the earthquake.  The valley pokes into Tibet and is  pristine.  is group made a 200-mile circular trek over three weeks.  The elevation ranged from 14-16,000 feet with sentinel peaks of 27,000 feet surrounding the valley.  It is a very dry region, with a lot of wind and dust.  There are gorgeous temples for the Buddhist and Hindu religions that sit on high plateaus.  The homes were very meager by comparison.  The area has the longest prayer wall in the world, made of large rocks that they have decorated with prayers.
Previously inaccessible, the area has only been open to outsiders for 30 years.  The Chinese are constructing roads in order to extract uranium.  
The visiting group gave away eyeglasses and head lamps to the people of the area.  Dr. Guzman was able to practice medicine, he helped patients with stomach problems, lung issues as well as muscular/skeletal problems.  In addition, the group started a recycling project in the valley.  They will be returning in October to continue the project.
  • Board meeting report: 
    • $1000 to the Guatemala project that assists girls and women in education and job development.
    • $500 to the Interact Clubs who helped at St. Patty’s Day party.
    • $1500 will go to purchase books and place Rotary stickers in them for the incoming kindergartners.
    • The Club and the Fitzsimmons Middle School Interactors will hold an “Unsung Hero” luncheon at Platte Canyon to honor employees who are seldom recognized.
  • Mountain Area Home and Garden Show:  the sign up is complete, we can always use additional help - especially during the Friday setup from 3 to 7 PM at Evergreen High School.  
  • The Conifer Rotary Foundation is supporting Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library purchasing books for kids.  
  • The District Rotary Celebration is May 19-20; members can register on the District 5450 website.
  • RYLA/YRYLA:  Thanks to all the members who interviewed the young people this past week.  We will be sending ten kids to the Rotary Youth Leadership camps.  Suzanne shared the inspiring messages the kids wrote about in their essays.
  • May 19 the Conifer Rotary will be providing volunteers for the 9 Health Fair being held at Our Lady of the Pines and a team to take down tables at the Veterans’ Rendezvous at Aspen Ridge Church in Marshdale.  Charlotte will be signing up volunteers for both events.  
  • Tom Becker is organizing a day at the Rockies for the Club.  The Rockies give back $5 of the $17 ticket price to Conifer High School baseball. It will be a party!!  Watch for the date!
New (old) Member induction:   Tom Becker!!! Welcome
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting April 17, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-04-17 06:00:00Z 0
Program:  Club Assembly—Re-Visioning
The report of today's visioning meeting will be sent to all members separately.
  • Ed attended the Dun Eden, FL Rotary  meeting. Janine attended the Evergreen, CO Rotary
  • District Celebration is May 19 in Denver.  Sign up on the District website
  • The RYLA interviews start this week.  Suzanne needs interviewers from the Club for next Monday in Conifer.  Thank you Nancy and Jim Lynch and Amy Baker.
  • Platte Canyon High School has requested $ for their after-prom event.  The Board will be discussing next week.
  • The Colorado Rockies baseball event to raise money for the Conifer High School baseball team is in the planning stages.
  • The students going to Kenya need additional “scholarship” money for three of the students; donations can be made through the Conifer Rotary Foundation. 
Paul Harris Award.  Janine received the Paul Harris plus one for her contributions to the Rotary International Foundation.
Dean McCall Talk
Dean is from the DC area, then moved to California for 24 years before moving to Colorado.  He is an engineer and a musician.  
He is married to Lenore, who is a marketing professional and they have two grown children.  Rotary is important to him because his father was a Rotarian in VA. Dean always went to the fishing event his father put together for Rotary, skipping school.  He learned about the social and service aspects of Rotary at that time and is dedicated to continuing his service to Rotary.  He will be our Club President after Janine!
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting April 10, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-04-10 06:00:00Z 0
Program: Yes, Our Club has a Website!
Lee Willis, Webmaster
Lee moved from the spectator's seat to the front of the room today to enlighten us about our club website,  Most of the website is open to the public.  There are some areas of the website that require member login because they contain personal information about our members or confidential club information.
Lee handed out a guide, attached below, to help our members navigate the website.  Under the “Our Club” button, there are some links that are only viewable to logged in members.  Member information is available there, and they can update their own personal information.  The Board meeting minutes are are also there, published for members only.  In addition, there is a link for eClub make-up meetings under “Our Club”.
Lee encouraged the members to log on and look around the website to get a better understanding of what it offers.  He pointed out the Weblinks button, which contains both Rotary and Community links.   
The District 5450 website is linked from Conifer Rotary Website; there you can log in (with your club login) and register for District events.  There is a  RYLA website with information and stories, registration information and a calendar.
The RI website uses its own log in and requires registering with your Rotary member number.  It can be found on your personal profile on our club website, or on your Rotary magazine address label.  An important function of the Rotary website is the ability to make contributions to RI Foundation (“Give” link). 
GUESTS: Tom Becker
  • Finn attended the Area 8 dinner last week.  The Chief Editor, Denver Post, was the presenter.  Newspapers are gradually going away. 
  • MOUNTAIN AREA HOME AND GARDEN SHOW: Janine presented a request of Evergreen Rotary to assist in obtaining vendors; we have more booths available, if you know a business that might be interested in the show please contact Janine.
  • RYLA---we interview 10 students next week. 
  • Registration for the District 5450 Celebration is on the District website.
  • Wes reported on the Kenya trip this summer.  There are 14 young people (one from Evergreen and the remainder from Conifer HS) going.  Each kid needed to raise their own funds, $3000.  There are two students who need assistance—a total of $1200 by the end of April.  Members can donate through the Conifer Rotary Foundation.  Mark’s business is donating shirts for the kids to leave with kids in Kenya
  • We received a Thank You came from St. Laurence for having our St. Pat’s celebration there.  Suzanne is waiting for financials for her report to the Club .
  • There will be a “shred-a-thon” in Bailey Saturday June 16 , 9 to Noon at the Crow Hill Insurance company. 460 Park County Rd, Bailey.
Meet Our Member:  Lee Willis
Lee's father was a Rotarian and inspired him to join.  He loves being with people who like to give back to the community.  Lee comes to us from Pennsylvania, he grew up in the Pittsburgh area.  Not being able to afford college, he was able to obtain a scholarship to the Naval Academy; he flew fighters in the Navy and had a career of over 20 years.  He then became a commercial pilot and retired from Southwest Airlines.
Website Guide Handout:
Four websites that can help you as a member of our club:
Rotary Club of Conifer Website,
  • Six ‘buttons’ at the top of the page can guide you to just about anything you need to know.  Most of this information does not require logging into the website:
    • Home.  Current information.
    • Our Club.  Club information for members, including Email Message Center, Board of Directors minutes, Member Information, How to use the MRC Projector and much more.
    • Calendar.  Past, Present and Future events
    • News.  Club meeting notes.
    • Downloads.  Reference materials available for download.
    • Photos.  Photos of our club events, going back to 2011.
    • Weblinks
      • Community Links.  Links to related organizations in our community.
      • Rotary Links.  Links to useful Rotary websites.
    • Contact Us.  Sends an email to the club.
  • Member Login Link at top right of home page.  Access to members-only information and functions.
    • Opens to Club Administration page.  The My ClubRunner section (upper left) is the area of interest for club members.
    • Access to your profile, member directory, Email Message Center, useful club documents and more.
Rotary District 5450 Website,
  • District information – club websites and contact information
  • District News and Events – Calendar of District events such as the District Celebration and the RI Convention.
  • If login needed, use your Rotary Conifer logon and password.
Rotary District 5450 RYLA website,
Rotary International website,
  • Log on using the “My Rotary” link at the top of the homepage, it requires its own logon credentials.
  • Access Rotary Foundation, Member Center, your profile, Rotary Club Central, Rotary Brand Center, etc.
  • Rotary International Foundation.  Be sure to log in to receive club recognition and Paul Harris Award points.  Accessible using the “GIVE” link at the top right of the Rotary International homepage.
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting April 3, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-04-03 06:00:00Z 0
Program:  Outdoor Lab: 61 years!
Paige Brophy
The Outdoor Lab is a 5-day, 4 night program embedded in the 6th grade curriculum for all Jefferson County 6th graders.  It provides the opportunity for all 6th graders to attend a week long integrated learning experience focused on our natural environment.
Why Outdoor Lab?  It gets kids outside.  It helps them learn about nature, science, and about themselves and how to work with others.  What is the impact?  Kids get more confidence.  They learn leadership skills.  They learn about the world being bigger than just their lives.  The program now serves 6800 students a year.  High school students and interns participate.  Interns teach High Schoolers how to teach the students.  All JeffCo students attend regardless of ability to pay or disabilities.  There are nurses on site to support students with disabilities.  There are 775 acres at the two sites:  Windy Point and Mt. Evans. 

The latest development is a green house at both sites where students will grow the food to eat while at Outdoor Lab.  The Mt. Evans green house just opened and the Windy Peak green house will open in May.  Another initiative is the Outdoor Lab Youth Advisory Board;  they will work with the high schoolers before, during and after their experience. 
Improvements for both sites are underway and include a new dining hall at the Mt Evans location because a large boulder adjacent to the building is compromising the structure.  In addition, there are plans for ADA accessible bathrooms in all the bunkhouses.
To help fund the program, the Outdoor Lab Foundation was formed in 2003.  They partner with many organizations.  King Soopers and Safeway provide funds from the gift cards, called lab cards.  The foundation is soliciting community partners for a $1000 fee and individual donations are welcome.  An upcoming vote for a JeffCo bond will provide needed funding for Outdoor Lab facilities.  The cost/student is $500, but families pay no more than $350.  The facilities are rented to other camp groups during the summer as well as hosting wedding and other private events.
“Our students may walk the same trails but they each leave a different footprint”
  • Thanks to all who helped with the St. Patty’s party!  The financials will be presented by Suzanne.  A special thanks to our beer sponsors and to Taste of Denmark for dessert!
  • The Board meeting was held last night.  All are welcome to attend; please let Finn know for the food planning.
  • The previous announcement regarding entering Rotary volunteer hours on the District website was incorrect.  Project hours are entered by an authorized Club representative on the Rotary Club Central portion of the RI website.
  • Our April 10 meeting will be a Club Assembly to discuss our objectives for this year and to review our Visioning plan.
  • We still need vendors for the Home and garden show.  Prospective vendors can sign up at
  • The District Conference will be held in Denver May 19.
  • May 19 will also be Conifer High School graduation, 9Health Fair and Veterans’ Rendezvous.
  • The Foundation meets today to discuss scholarships.
  • The Conifer High School baseball team is doing a fund-raising by selling Rockies tickets; a portion is returned to the CHS baseball team.  The price/ticket is $17 and available from Marilyn, 303-489-6711.
Meet Your Rotary Member!
Charles Harrison shared a brief bio and what Rotary means to him:  Charles grew up in the Bay area, educated in the Jesuit tradition in California.  He is an Eagle Scout and he attended college in California.  He came to Colorado and staged a play in Durango and met his wife, whose father was the president of the Rotary Club.  They moved to Seattle for ten years, then they returned to the Front Range and he looked for a Rotary Club and joined our club.  He sees Rotary as a way to give back to the larger community. 
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Program: Kathy Kowalski
Faithfull K9 Service and therapy Dog training
It takes 7-12 months to train a service dog.  It can cost up to $30,000 to train a dog who does not have any prior training.  Different organizations have different qualifications for the dogs.  There is not a certification for dogs who are trained.
Service dogs are generally allowed in any type of facility.  The dog should be leashed when in the community.
Freedom Service Dogs are usually taken from shelters.  The trainer will look to see if the dogs are friendly, will follow the rep, will allow food to be taken away, will be ok having legs moved, tail rubbed and other assessments.  The FSD folks take them on 5 outings to test the dogs tolerance is.  The training will include opening doors, turn on/off lights, remove clothing, help the person get out of bed, create space for people with PTSD, wake from a night mare, address anxiety, pick up items the person cannot reach and more. There are specific tasks that the dogs need to do in various settings in order to receive the FSD vest. 
Susan Imming  provided a handout that provided information about Service Animals, including all the laws related to them. 
Guests:  Tom Becker—returning to be a member!  Welcome!!
  • The Board meeting is next Monday at 6pm at Well at Bradford Junction.  Board members, please email your report to Finn asap.
  • Mountain Area Home and Garden:  Suzanne needs members to follow up with Vendors.  We need additional vendors if anyone has ideas.
  • St. Paddy’s party this Saturday!!  Sell tickets!  We are preparing for 150 dinners.  There is a veggie option.  We need additional card tables.  Bring unsold tickets.  The auction will include an option do donations to specific Rotary projects.  There will be six beer vendors, 3 white and 3 red wines and Jamison Irish Whiskey.
  • The Area 8 Rotarians will meet Wednesday March 21 at Mt. Vernon for social hour, 5:30pm, buffet dinner, speaker:  Lee Ann Colacioppo, Editor in Chief of the Denver Post.   Price: $29 for Rotarians, $39 for guests.  Email Finn if you wish to attend!
  • Marlis McAllister gave a brief bio:  She grew up in Evergreen and went to college in California.  She joined Rotary in California at the invitation of a colleague.  She especially enjoyed the family of Rotary and appreciates the service that Rotary provides in the world.  When she returned to Colorado, she checked out our website and joined as soon as she landed here.  She has volunteered to review our by-laws; if you would like to help her, please let her know! 
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Program:  Mary Betts, Natural Grocers Nutrition Consultant
Mary Betts is a nutrition consultant at Natural Grocers and she joined us today to give us advice on healthy eating.  She attended Nutritional Therapy Institute in Denver and was in private practice until two years ago when she joined Natural Grocers.  She does free outreach/education for any organizations in the community.  She also has classes at the kitchen at Natural Grocers and does individual nutrition teaching.  The community room in the Natural Grocers store is available to community groups; there is no charge.  It will hold up to 20 people.
She presented “How to Build a Healthy Meal”.  The Meal Wheel is similar to that from the Federal Government.  The recommendation is that vegetables make about ½ your meal plate; quality protein should be a palm-sized portion, ¼ of the plate; the remaining ¼ plate is divided between fruit, optional carbohydrates and healthy fats.  Each meal/snack should have this balance of nutrients. 
  • The next Board meeting will be 6PM March 19 at The Well at Bradford Junction.
  • Home and Garden Show needs vendors; if you know a business that might benefit from being part of the Show, please put them in touch with Suzanne or Janine.  The date will be April 28-29. 
  • PETS (Presidents Elect Training) was this past weekend.  Dean reports that the focus was on Service, Rotary’s theme. 
  • Finn suggested that everyone go to ; members will have to create their own user name and password.  Please enter your volunteer hours for Rotary as they reflect our vision and mission. The site is full of Rotary information for members.
  • There is a Rotary membership training this Saturday, March 10, Red Rocks Community College, 9-11:30 am.  We need a member to attend. 
  • Charles shared Rotary Anniversaries (thank you, Dee for making the anniversary cards):  Susan Imming 10 years.  Lee Willis 9 years.  Charlotte Wytias 6 years.
  • RYLA/YRYLA update:  we have three Platte Canyon HS applicants and one from Conifer HS.  There are three from FMS and one from WFM.  We expect to have 10!!
  • St. Paddy’s Day tickets are available on our website as well as from Rotary members.  We need volunteers to make this happen, sign up at our SignUp Genius link by clicking HERE.  Please sign up to help prepare St. Laurence Friday March 16 at 6pm and during the day and evening on Saturday!
  • March 13, 7PM:  Crisis and Clarity in the Middle East will be presented by His Royal Highness Prince Feisal Ibn Al-Hussein of Jordan and Ambassador Dennis Ross, Middle East Adviser, at Ellie Caulkins theater.  The event is free, but sign up with Finn or reserve a ticket at (use promo code: CELLEngage18).
  • The Golden Miners’ Alley Theater in Golden will give $5 back to Conifer Rotary Foundation for every Rotarian’s ticket sold.  Announce that you are a Conifer Rotarian when you purchase your tickets.
  • Next week we will start weekly presentations by individual Rotarians, speaking about what Rotary means, why you are a member and a quick bio.
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The Four-Way Test of the things we think, say, or do:

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build good will and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

For many decades Rotary Clubs and Rotarians have used The 4-Way Test as an instrument to develop respect and understanding among peoples.

Rotarians around the world use the 4-Way Test in business, government and schools as an effective measuring stick for conduct, a guide to right thinking. If memorized and constantly applied to relations with others, it will contribute to more effective and friendlier relationships.

By getting into the habit of checking your thoughts, words and deeds against the 4-Way Test, experience shows that it will help you become happier and more successful.

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  • January:   Rotary Awareness Month
  • February:   World Understanding Month & R.I.'s Anniversary
  • March:   Literacy Month
  • April:   Magazine Month
  • May:   Rotary Education Month
  • June:   Rotary Fellowship Month & R. I. Convention
  • July:   Transition Month * New Rotary Year Begins
  • August:   Membership and Extension Month
  • September:   New Generations Month
  • October:   Vocational Service Month
  • November:   Rotary Foundation Month
  • December:   Rotary Family Month
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