Program: Kathy Kowalski
Faithfull K9 Service and therapy Dog training
It takes 7-12 months to train a service dog.  It can cost up to $30,000 to train a dog who does not have any prior training.  Different organizations have different qualifications for the dogs.  There is not a certification for dogs who are trained.
Service dogs are generally allowed in any type of facility.  The dog should be leashed when in the community.
Freedom Service Dogs are usually taken from shelters.  The trainer will look to see if the dogs are friendly, will follow the rep, will allow food to be taken away, will be ok having legs moved, tail rubbed and other assessments.  The FSD folks take them on 5 outings to test the dogs tolerance is.  The training will include opening doors, turn on/off lights, remove clothing, help the person get out of bed, create space for people with PTSD, wake from a night mare, address anxiety, pick up items the person cannot reach and more. There are specific tasks that the dogs need to do in various settings in order to receive the FSD vest. 
Susan Imming  provided a handout that provided information about Service Animals, including all the laws related to them. 
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