Posted by Charlotte Wytias
Program:  Club Assembly, discussing club strategy for our future.
New Member Induction:  Nancy Woodson, WELCOME!
  • Wes Paxton and the Interact students are on their way to Kenya.  Our best wishes for the success of their project!
  • Run the Ranch fundraiser was last Saturday:  Ed’s former exchange student from Germany who is visiting Conifer came in third.  He thought there were about 50 people at the event.
  • We have 10 members signed up for highway clean up this Saturday on Pleasant Park Road.  The group will be meeting at 9 am at the parking area below the office buildings left off Pleasant Park Road above the US 285 interchange, join us.
  • Tree planting in the Hayman burn area scheduled for Saturday, June 16.  We need volunteers; email will be coming to finalize the project.  Young people (kids) are welcome to help.
  • The Conifer Rotary Foundation meeting will be next Tuesday at the regular meeting; this is a required meeting by the IRS.  There will be an election for new Board members.  The financial report will be presented, including information about the endowment.  Members will have input about the distribution of grants to community organizations and will be voting on the new Board. 
  • Changing of the guard will be Saturday July 7th at Janine’s home.  More information to come.
  • The Rockies baseball game (fund-raising for the Conifer HS baseball team).  Tom has proposed  July 15---taking the train from Golden.  The cost of the game is $17 ($5 will go to Conifer HS fundraising).
  • Rotary Peak will need volunteers to do trail maintenance this summer.  Finn will provide more information.  He reports that the exchange students will make the Peak as a project when they arrive. 
  • The evening group will be meeting at Hugh’s home Wednesday June 13, to discuss the Peach Sale.  All members are encouraged to attend. 
  • Mountain Home and Garden Show made approximately $24,000 (half will come to Conifer Rotary).
  • Marlis is up-dating the Conifer Rotary By-Laws, which will address the addition of the evening group of Conifer Rotary Club. 
  • Tom Becker and Yvonne Lipson will be organizing the monthly Club Socials.
  • There is going to be a new logo for the Rotary Club of Conifer, to conform to the Rotary International requirements.  There will be more discussion at the meeting next week. 
Happy Dollars!!!