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Program: Human Trafficking, a panel discussion from the RI Convention
Suzanne Barkley
Human Trafficking is becoming widely publicized in the media recently.  RI is considering an initiative to address the issue.
Human Trafficking: the group panel video report from the June Convention
Today we were received information about a scourge in our world, human trafficking.  Suzanne and Pat attended the Atlanta Rotary International Convention and brought news of the human trafficking panel discussion held by US Senator Bob Corker, Gary Haugen - IJM, Ashton Kutcher - Thorn, and Rebecca Bender - The Rebecca Bender Initiative.  The problem is massive, there are more human slaves in the world today than ever before.  Worldwide, 45 Million people are trapped victims of trafficking, a $150 Billion dollar “industry”.
This is modern day “slavery”; people being forced to do what their masters want by coercion and violence.  Most vulnerable are disadvantaged human beings and children.  It is in every country, including the United States.  ...and in our mountain community.
We quickly learned that the “face” of trafficking is not what we see in the movies, it is far more sinister.  People are being advertised for sex via the internet...over 120,000 ads a day have been identified by Thorn, Ashton Kutcher's foundation focused on stopping trafficking.  One of the speakers, Rebecca Bender spoke of how she was lured in by a man over a six month period who she thought loved her.  After escaping from six years of slavery she formed her own organization to help women recovering from slave trafficking so that they can reclaim their lives and find ways to live and make a living.  The recovery is what she found  to be the hardest part of the ordeal, after she was rescued.  In addition, her foundation has trained over 26,000 law enforcement officers in how to recognize and intercept victims.
What can we do?  talk to children, engage with local law enforcement, bring awareness to our communities and political leaders.  Educate ourselves and our community.  Serve the survivors!!!  Encourage local law enforcement, they need our support.
Learn more and can help fight this growing problem at:
Download or stream the Human Trafficking Panel Discussion video at:
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