Education in the age of technology: The West Jefferson Elementary Approach
Wendy Woodland
Our own Wendy Woodland talked to us today about literacy education in her school.  How do we define Literacy? It has changed since our Rotarians were in school.  Literacy evaluation used to be focused on “fact/recall”.  The Common Core program moved away from basic fact/recall questions.  Now students have to read several sources and draw conclusions from evidence they read about.  Students have to write about their understandings that led to conclusions.
Literacy skills are necessary to compete in the global marketplace:  critical thinking (not regurgitation), communication, collaboration, understanding, and analyzing.  Students must learn how to evaluate, determine what is factual and valid.  Teachers evaluate the students’ processes for finding and evaluating  the materials they read.  They are encouraged by questions from the teacher to test their own thinking processes.  Some of the elementary classes are reading Esperanza Rising and the UN Declaration of Human Rights:  they are recognizing and evaluating abuses in the story with regard to the Declaration.
To evaluate literacy, there are benchmarks at each level of education starting in kindergarten.  All the reading/evaluation is done on computer now.  So the children have to learn computer skills to participate.  Common assessments nationwide came about when Governors met to create basic success in learning, so that children across the country have common skills and knowledge.   Evaluation is performance based and includes students evaluating one another’s work as well in addition to teachers.  These processes encourage communication between students.  The students also are learning respect for different perspectives.  
Reading at home, even if it is an adult reading to the child, significantly helps their ability to read.  Let the children read what they want to read to encourage their reading skills.  West Jefferson Elementary invites Rotarians to read in the school.
  • The Peach Sale brought media attention in the 285 Hustler and the Canyon Courier
  • The Rotary Peak hike with the exchange students will be this Sunday at 8:30 am.  Meet at the top of Loveland Pass for this 1.5 mile hike.  Car pool, because parking is limited.
  • The Membership Committee will meet Wednesday at 5:30 at Charles’ home.  Anyone interested in membership issues and plans, please come.
  • Marlis sent an invitation to the Club to participate in the building of a Habitat of Humanity home in S. Evergreen. Please contact her if you can help.
  • The District Club Training will occur Saturday, Sept 15. Register on the District website. Tuition can be paid by the Club.
  • Saturday, Sept 15 the Club will do a work project at the Peace Shelter.  There will be a BBQ at 5pm at Suzanne’s for all Club members.  More details will be sent via email.
  • The RYLA and Young RYLA students will present their experiences at Conifer High School at 6pm.  Pizza will be provided.  This will be in conjunction with the folks from the evening Rotary group. The evening group will be preparing Back Pack food at St. Laurence Church at 5pm prior to the RYLA presentation.
  • Finn is now the Area 8 Assistant Governor.  Congratulations!  
  • The tail-gate social event last Friday was a great success and Conifer HS won the football game.
  • Janine's Board will meet the first Wednesday evening each month. The next meeting will be October 3, 6pm at Janine’s home.
Guests:  From West Jefferson Elementary School:
Holly Wagner, Librarian and digital Teacher and Justine Creel, Instructional Coach
Jesse and Marlis won the drawing--- a package of cookies