Program:  Barry Schwartz
The Middle East
Our own Barry Schwartz told the story of his trip to the Middle East.  He described it as the crossroads of the world, and the most dangerous region of the world.
Barry and his wife made an Adventure Travel trip, which took them to three countries, Jordan Egypt and Israel.  It is the only company doing this trip after the Arab Spring.  Our State Department requires that US citizens be protected, which meant having armed guards in all places they traveled.
Their route followed that of Moses to the Red Sea in Jordan and Israel.  They visited several sites in Egypt as well.  The area of Mesopotamia was the Fertile Crescent, the cradle of civilization:  scientific, literary, religious, and engineering.  Now this area is barren of all of these, however it was the center of civilization for over 3000 years.  Barry shared a time-line video that showed the change of cultures that governed the region.  They got to visit homes to learn about the lives of those who live there.  The photos he shared highlighted the landscapes and cities in the three countries.  Barry included many history lessons in the presentation.  Thanks, Barry!!!  Great program.
Guests:  Carol Carper (Evergreen Rotary), Santiago (Montessori School)
  • 7 pm Wednesday is Conifer Council at West Jefferson Middle School
  • Saturday September 29 is the Taste of Italy, a benefit for the Mountain Peace Shelter
  • Homecoming at Conifer High School is Saturday Sept 29.  They need chaperones.
  • Last Wednesday the RYLA and Young RYLA students presented their experiences from this summer’s camps.  They were very grateful to Rotary for the experience.  The Conifer High School Interact students presented a check for $350 for Polio eradication.   
  • Last Saturday, our Club painted three bathrooms and cleaned up the grounds of the Mountain Peace Shelter. 
  • Janine and Finn attended the District Club training event on Saturday.  She will be participating in the District Public Relations committee—with a little help from her son.
  • Our next social event will be October 6:  a Hay Ride at Hugh Macaulay’s ranch.
  • October 16, the District Governor will attend our breakfast meeting to present the District’s Vision.
  • See the current issue of the Rotarian.  It features an article about our former member Bruce Ward as he starts a new conservation organization!
  • The Platte Canyon HS has a staff person volunteering to sponsor their new Interact Club.
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