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Barry Schwartz
Aug 27, 2019
Rafting the Grand Canyon
Sarah Kinzer, Marilyn Saltzman
Sep 17, 2019
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August 20, 2019
Program: Resilience for Life: Lean-in1220
Heather (Ning) Aberg, LCSW
Heather started Lean-In 1220 when she recognized the need that young people have for dealing with their worries and pains that are leading to suicide.  Heather shared statistics of youth suicide rates.  They are higher in our area than in the country at large.  The rates are highest among the LGBTQ students.  
The name:  lean-into your emotions; the organization serves young people ages 12-20.  In Colorado, now young people can sign in for care on their own.  
Lean-in offers free counseling up to 10 sessions.  There are 15 therapists who donate services.  They meet kids wherever it is comfortable and barrier-free, even taking walks or meeting in a coffee shop.  They serve kids in Evergreen, Clear Creek and are moving to Platte Canyon.  
Besides individual therapy, there are groups:  one for the gay community.  Families can be part of the groups.  There is a “gifted” group who call themselves “the scream beams”—they do not want to be labeled “gifted”.   The 3rdgroup is “resilience”---they are learning how to live with stresses.  The 4thgroup is the grief group.  They are going to start a book Club: parents and kids will read the same books.  There will be a group for young boys.
The therapists also do outreach presentations with various groups where kids and families gather.  
They also work with Jefferson Mental Health and Second Wind.  
She recommends iJen---a book that talks about the kinds of issues that kids are facing.
How we can help: Sponsor the Evergreen Enchanted Fairy Festival (Sept 8 in Evergreen; Donate to  Participate in a Mental Health First aid course---October 6, at the Fire Dept in Bergen Park.  QPR training—a condensed mental health first aid.  
Guests:  Morti Longsdorf
We have 540 boxes of peaches.  Please plan to help Friday if you haven’t already signed up.  
Thanks to Ed for getting additional t-shirts for the backpacks---thanks to Mt. Evans Home Care and Hospice.  
Finn announced that there was a kazoo concert at the top of “Rotary Peak” a couple of weeks ago. Sept 8, the Rotary exchange students will hike the Peak.  
The Back Packs need granola bars.
We met the FaceBook fund-raiser goal of $2500 for bicycles for Kenyan farmers.
For our Social event, the Club is going to Dinosaur Ridge, off of Fossil Trace Golf Course:  take 6thto 19thin Golden, and the first right into the parking lot.  Meet at 11 am.  
Sept 3 the Club is invited to greet Mat and Audrey Matson at 3 Garcias, 5pm.
The planning committee for the 2020 Music event will meet after the Rotary meeting next week. Please plan to stay to help.
  • The social event this month will be August 25, meeting at Dinosaur Ridge in Golden at 11 am, after which there will be lunch and beer.
  • Peach Sale update:  We have sold over $9000 on line, plus the orders that Angela has.
  • The date for our music festival fundraiser next year is confirmed for August 15, 2020 at Beaver Ranch.  
  • The Facebook fundraiser for bikes in Kenya ends soon.  Donations have reached almost $2000, please donate.
  • Back Pack update:  We have completed over 150 t-shirt bags for the food.  We start filling bags next week.  We need granola bars.
  • The Home and Garden Show planning is starting early this year.  The website is updated and will be ready for vendor registrations this week,
Program:  Harambee, Kenya Trip
Suzanne Barkley, Dean and Lenore McCall
Our own Suzanne Barkley, Leonore and Dean McCall provided us a behind the scene view of the successes and challenges facing the people in the Kenya region supported by Harambee.
Suzanne told us she was drawn into this summer’s trip to Kenya by her interest in serving people with disabilities, because of her family experiences with a child and grandchild with disabilities. In Kenya she learned that the services we have in our country do not exist in Kenya.  Most families do not understand what is happening when their children show signs of  a disability; diagnoses are very limited.  Less than 10% of these people have access to medical services. There are many misconceptions about the causes of disabilities in Kenya.
Mortality for children under 5 is almost 50% and Malaria is the leading cause of death for them.  Malaria also causes many neurological disabilities, including hearing, sight, speech, seizures and more.  Our visitors to Kenya observed two family focus groups and they learned the many issues that make life especially difficult for disabled people. Bathroom facilities are rarely handicapped accessible, transportation is limited, and medical clinic visits are very difficult to get to.  If they do get to a clinic, the waiting lines are usually very long.
Lenore reported on the “Small Home”.  It is a home for disabled children, from toddler to age 20, where they are housed and cared for.  The facility they visited has the playground that our Rotary Interact clubs funded and the Conifer HS Interact Club built last summer.  Lenore created a video, featuring the children and staff of the Small Home.
Carol Carper offered the positive news that Sasa Harambee has the support of the sub-county (counties are comparable in size to our States) Minister of Health.  One suggestion from Carol that the folks with disabilities be moved to the front of the line at the health care services has been enacted.  Residents are spreading information to the families of disabled people about the services that are available to them.  Carol is also raising money to improve the training of health care workers to better diagnose disabilities.  There are many health policies changing with the information that Carol is bringing to the Minister.
The Sasa Harambee farm program is growing exponentially, providing income for the families and training farmer educators so that the program is expanding to other counties.  Leadership training is part of the long-term plan to keep these programs growing.  
Guests:  Carol Carper, Morti Longsdorf, Bambi Moss